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Feel So Bad are a combination of great people who on first listen sound like their music was run through a blender. They aren't an easy listen by any means, but they're not difficult to get into. Their sound of choice is hard, unforgiving, often very messed up rock. Masato "Pon" Yamaguchi, drummer on-board, has a driven, relentless style that will beat their songs into you regardless of whether or not you wanted it, and it's pretty much a given you will. (After a few songs, it's either you do, or you run away.) Bassist Masato Ohashi is there to complement Kurata Fuyuki's extraordinary guitaring -- every song has them at each other's throats, pretty much, though Fuyuki appears to outdo Ohashi on most counts, but just barely. Kawashima Daria has a voice that has the timbre of Melissa Etheridge, the angst of Marianne Faithfull and the creepiness of Patti Smith. Where she spits and growls, she's like a perpetually pissed off wildcat, but on the calmer side of F.S.B., she can be really smooth, like an old-time cabaret singer. The combination works. And I'm not complaining.

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Back when I did the anime list, I said I'd do a corresponding Japanese rock list, stuff I've heard, which things I've liked, which things are growing on me. It's a slightly different format from the anime list. Largely did this as an exercise in making myself use shorter sentences, less contractions, and less verbose forms of expression.

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