Jun. 21st, 2013

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I have discovered my brand of disheveled, nomad Asian rocker chic. It is called Alicegohome. It has the requisite amount of confounding layers, completely unreasonable zippers and straps (What! What do you mean they are two separate things?), an intense love of fabrics, deliciously complex constructions and has a name that sounds like a band I'd listen to.

It has things even my mum might approve of, stuff she probably won't (I am 100% not a jegging person, or a legging person, but something has to be said of combining denim swatches and stockings), and stuff that look like unique perversions of the girly clothes she would make me wear.

Naturally, being something that I like, it's primarily in a foreign language, has nearly no international shipping and is hardly ever distributed abroad. Yesstyle actually has a fraction of the current season's collection. Which includes about two of the pieces I'd actually get. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that means I save money. Maybe.

Yesstyle finally mailed out my order from three weeks ago. One of the items somehow fell out of stock, got back in stock, fell out of stock again. On the bright side, the short hop from their Hong Kong headquarters took all of three days. My clothes are technically now in southern California, with potential delivery possibly by Monday. Also broke down and got a sock garter band, because my classic sock garter isn't very good with thigh highs, and I find sock glue dubious. Sock glue works -- it works great actually, when your socks have lacy tops and you are terrified you might damage the lacy tops by pulling. I just like generally more permanent-looking solutions.

Meanwhile, the spouse and I are planning to make turning my hair purple a weekend event, we hope. He has dyeing experience enough for the both of us. Theoretically, I get this idea that if I ever developed a penchant for putting eyeliner on myself, he could help with that too.

My Gentle Souls boots arrived last week. They are gorgeously soft and decadent. I think at 5.5, I got the right size to hold thicker socks while still being tight enough to need breaking in. I still can't help but think I am wearing the gentle souls of docile deer. Not in a bad way. I'd wear the deer and eat it too -- alas, vegetarian I am not. But hey, deer. I still have no idea where my camera went, so no photos yet, [livejournal.com profile] countlibras.

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] countlibras, I nearly lost the crop of shiso she sent me too. I think I overwatered the seedlings way back, and I watched in terror as one half-inch high seedling after another withered and died. In great desperation, and also because my other vegetables looked thin and weak, I ordered some liquified carp. My mother used liquified carp on her garden, and I think it has made the soil in every pot and planter I have a lot healthier. The EarthBoxes actually have very good compost in them, and thriving worm colonies, which get fed all the time with my kitchen scraps. It just was lacking decent fertiliser. The shiso pot was erring on the side of dry and dessicated. I essentially repotted the three seedlings that were left, added plenty of diluted carp and watched how, in a week, the plants seem to be growing. It has been now long enough it's probably not my imagination saying the leaves are bigger. My catnip in a catnip jar is shooting up, enough that I'm considering trying to transplant a couple of the seedlines onto my barren window planter. I fancied my idea of planting catnip in an ex-catnip jar (even has a smiley cat on it) was clever, but Dorian, the cat most liable to taste things, has shown more interest in the lemongrass growing practically feral out of its pot than the catnip. I wonder if I should be worried.

The daikon top I tried to grow got nowhere once it was transplanted into the box. My theory is that there were enough rotting bits on it the compost creatures just ate it from within. In its place will go a resurrected celery heart, whose miraculous properties are not quite a joke. This was a wilted, yellowed celery heart my husband dug out from our onion cabinet in the fridge and stuck in water. Not only did it double in size overnight (I had to ask Seth where we got this new celery bit from), it's now green with splendid tops.

Unfortunately, try as I might, I think the purple mustards I grew back in April have probably stagnated. The maturity period on the seed packet says 45 to 75 days, but given that these guys are supposed to also grow about 18" high, I think the lack of early fertilisation meant they're stuck dwarves at 3", even after thinning and transplanting. The good news is that more mustard seedlings have already started to shoot up underneath the biggest plants. The new seeds I bought are kind of awesome that way. Chicory is putting out lots of greenery. Keep staring at the stems hoping the bottoms are also fattening up. One step closer to growing food (that lives).


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